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The Gerovital Stop Acne Anti-Acne Ampules kit has been developed as an intensive treatment for pruritus or recurring acne. 

The product is available in a 10 ampules kit, necessary for 10 days of treatment.

For more severe cases, we recommend to continue treatment with another 10 ampules. For the second kit use one ampule every 2 days.

Considering the complex problematic and the wide range of factors involved in acne pathophysiology, the recommendation for an effective acne treatment is to combine actives that target as many pathogenic factors as possible.

Proven efficacy under dermatological control:

1. After 10 days of treatment > 1 ampule a day > Variations up to:

* Retentional elements: 64%

* Inflammatory elements: 80%

* Total acne elements: 63%

2. After 30 days of treatment > 1 ampule a day in the first 10 days, than 1 ampule every second day for the next 20 days > variations up to:

* Retentional elements: 100%

* Inflammatory elements: 100%

* Total acne elements: 100%

Benefits: Face care / Special care

Age: 14+

Skin: Acne skin, Oily skin, Mixed skin

Use: Night care

How to use: Apply daily, at night, on a clear skin. 

If you are using other Gerovital Stop Acne products, while using the Anti-Acne ampules do not use in the evening the Gerovital Stop Acne Ultra-active Cream or similar products.

In the morning you can use all skincare products accordingly to the daily routine.

Agitate the ampule before use! Get the serum entirely at the bottom of the ampule. Make sure you hold the ampoule standing before breaking it, to avoid spilling the product.

Break the serum ampoule using a tissue paper or textile towel. Read the instructions from the leaflet inside the packaging if use the protection cap to break the ampule.

Pour the content into the palm of your hand and apply it on your freshly cleaned skin by gently massaging it.

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Gerovital Acne Stop

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