Aslavital - Clay Powder for Cosmetic Treatments

Due to its qualities, the Gerovital clay is a high valuable, natural cosmetic product, that could be used successfully in cosmetic formulations for treatment of sensitive skins (allergic, seborrhoeic, with acne or cuperosis, irritated and wrinkled) also for naturist cosmetic treatments, respectively by preparing of some instant masks.

The skin will maintain or regain a fresh, young look.

How to use:
To obtain cosmetic masks, the Gerovital clay powder can be mixed with different fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, milk, honey, olive oil, egg`s yolk,etc., depends on the type of your skin. It is advisably to combine the clay powder with natural juices having astringent properties, obtained from tomatoes, lemons, cucumber, apricots, oranges, etc., for the oily skins, respectively with ingredients having moisturizing and nourishing effects: cucumber, celery, milk, honey, olive oil, egg`s yolk, for normal and dry skin. This product can successfully substitute talcum powder in babes`hygiene, and could be used as antiperspirant, and after-shaving, instead of o lotion.
* Continue the treatment applying the other Aslavital line products.

Basic Ingredients:
Cucumber, Celery, Milk, Honey, Olive oil, Egg`s yolk, Clay powder, etc.

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Awesome product

I really love this product. It makes your face look really smooth and it helps with acne.

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This is the best clay I ever tried.

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