Gerovital Plant - Moisturising Cream "Microbiom Protect"

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The moisturising cream is formulated to maintain an optimal level of hydration for normal and combination skin types. It is a provides optimal hydration and protection for the skin throughout the entire day.

This unique Gerovital cream protects the skin from daily stress caused by outside factors, defending it your from damages caused by pollution or other environmental aggressive factors. Upon application, skin is left healthier, less reactive and better hydrated.

It is a wonderful beauty aid in the cosmetic treatment of sensitive, dehydrated complexions affected by the environmental stress factors. Helps preventing dehydration, irritations, wrinkles and premature skin ageing. It also prevents trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), stimulates the production of ceramides and the synthesis of proteins, enriching the skin texture, while also repairing and strengthening its epidermal barrier function.

Its mineral complex is essential for the cellular metabolism, as it revitalises skin cells and increases the oxygen consumption at the cellular level.

Improves elasticity, hydration and skin comfort, reduces the wrinkles and exfoliation in the aged complexions.

It includes natural oils of Jojoba and Squalane (a natural component of skin) that are rich in anti-oxidants and high in emollients. The outcome is a soft and smooth skin, without the greasy or sticky effect.

Usage: Apply in the morning to the face, neck, and décolletage, on a make-up free, cleansed and toned skin.

Action: Moisturising, Face care

Age: 20+

Skin type: Normal skin

Use: Day care 


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Gerovital Plant

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