Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

You can see how your hair loses its volume day by day, and each new day is a real challenge to try and find anti hair loss solutions? Gerovital experts recommend the products of the range, Gerovital Expert Treatment Anti Hair Loss, with essential ingredients that contribute to the fortification of the root of the hair, stimulating a healthy growth and rendering a shiny aspect. 

Action: Hair care Anti-Hair Loss

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Your hair will enjoy the nutritive ingredients that are so essential for its care, due to the unique formula based on two super-efficient ingredients: Procapil, which stimulates the growth of the hair and Bio-Capigen, which fortifies the root of the hair. 
Thus, the shampoo has double action, by preventing the degradation of the pilous follicle ensuring, at the same time, the necessary energy for a healthy growth of the hair.

Shampoo and massage the scalp for about 2-3 minutes, stimulating the circulation and enabling the absorption of the active substances. Rinse and apply the Anti Hair Loss Serum.

The shampoo is ideal for optimizing the life cycle of hair and favoring growth. Used regularly, it reduces significantly hair loss, sebum secretion and improves its aesthetic appearance.

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