Luminous Moisturizing Cream

Gerovital H3 Evolution

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The moisturizer has a triple effect on skin: it hydrates, smoothes the wrinkles and illuminates the complexion, leaving a natural radiance.
Optical effect: Skin illumination.

Product Details: 

Aquaxyl provides optimal moisture balance, skin nourishing and remineralization. It increases the content of Hyaluronic Acid and stimulates the production of ceramides and the synthesis of proteins.
Vitamins A and E help protect collagen and elastin fibers, preventing wrinkle appearance and diminishing the existing ones.
Sepilift™ Complex proves skin firmness and corrects wrinkles. Protects and reinforces skin structure, having a triple firming action: it stimulates remodeling and contraction of collagen fibers, protects elastic fibers against enzymatic breakdown and scavenges free radicals.

Usage: Apply in the morning on clean. Massage gently with circular movements to help the cream's better absorption.

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Luminous Moisturizing Cream

Luminous Moisturizing Cream

The Gerovital H3 Evolution Perfect Look line represents a step further in skin care products. It incorporates ingredients that create an optical effect on skin, revealing a visibly radiant, uniform, luminous complexion.

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