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Gerovital H3 Evolution

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Product details

The Perfect Anti-Aging Serum is the top product of the Gerovital H3 Evolution cosmetic line. It highly diminishes wrinkles, obtaining a firm and moisturized skin.

The immediate anti-aging impact is the immediate reduction of wrinkles, faster than any other comparable cosmetic product, due to the action of the Gatuline Expresion extract and the liposomes with Hyaluronic Acid. The long term anti-aging effects are a result of the original anti-aging formula (based on Superoxide Dismutase, Trylagen, GP4G) that initiates structural changes in the collagen fibres, therefore preventing the wrinkles appearance, while also ensureing the needed energetic support and anti-oxidant protection.

How to use:

The Perfect Anti-Aging Serum should be used daily in the morning & evening after the cleaning and toning of the face's skin.

The best results are obtained when the Perfect Anti-Aging Serum is associated with the day care Gerovital H3 Evolution Nourishing and/or Moisturizing creams.

Action: Moisturizing, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-age, Special care

Age: 30+
Skin type: 
Dry skin types

Use: Day care & Night care


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Product details

The Anti Wrinkle Highly Moisturizing Cream with UV Protection SPF15 provides powerful anti wrinkle effects, intense deep moisturizing and enhanced UV protection due to the smart combination of its versatiles ingredients. It replaces the decrease in skin vitality prolonging its youthful aspect. The anti-wrinkle system ensures the pure energy needed by the cells, antioxidant protection and renewal of collagen. The association between its great ingredients incldued in the formula, ensures the deep tonifying effect and increases the capacity for preserving the water inside the tissues.

How to use:

The Anti Wrinkle Highly Moisturizing Cream with UV Protection SPF15 is an excellent make-up base and it should be applied in the morning on the face, neck & decolletage after a correct make-up removal.

Action: Face care, Sun protection, Moisturizing, Anti-wrinkle 

Age: 35+
Skin type: 
Dry skin, Mature skin, Dehydrated

Use: Anytime

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