Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Excessive hair loss  is due to several factors such as: improper diet, vitamin deficiency, various diseases, immune disorders and hormonal disorders, pregnancy, inadequate treatment applied to hair (excessive paint, fading), stress, etc.

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Procapil acts on the factors that cause alopecia. Biocapigen composed ofSulfopeptideAminozaharide, Amino acids and trace elementsGlucoseB vitamins - B5B3B6B7, act to eliminate all the causes that can cause loss and weakening hair. 

Maca root extract is used to stimulate hair growth, to prevent baldness and hair protection against endogenous and exogenous stress.




2-3 times the first week, the next period max 2 times per week to prevent hair loss, no more than 3-4 months. 

After 2 months break, while you can use Derma+ Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp, you can resume the tratment. Apply it to wet, gently massage the scalp, rinse and repeat application. After 2-3 minutes of acting rinse with water.

We recommend to be used by persons over 20 years.




Stop the excessive hair loss and stimulates healthy hair growth

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